Affiliate marketing is simply a business of recommending helpful products to people and getting paid a commission for doing so.

What determines how much an affiliate earns is how many sales they are able to close.


1. Be committed to a niche or related niches

A niche here refers to a group of people interested in a particular topic, subject or product


Business Niche
Relationship Niche
Health Niche etc

Pick a niche and concentrate on it

And don’t stray away from your niche,

If you pick more than one niche, they must be related.

2. Have a clear monetary goal

Set a believable and achievable monetary goal and break it down by weeks and work towards it

Once you hit your goal

Increase your goal

Celebrate your goal by rewarding yourself with something out of the ordinary.

3. Master ONE traffic source to avoid scattered results

Before you move to the next one

(Scattered focus will give you scattered results)

Note: Certain kinds of traffic converts

With some kind of offers…

There are many traffic sources out there like


Traffic is not the problem

The problem is finding what people want to buy and presenting it to them in a way that is irresistible.

4. Never prioritize selling over helping people

Your goal as an Affiliate marketer is to help people solve their problems or achieve their goals and desires

So you must only recommend helpful products to people.

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