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Back in 2016 before we became fully registered as a business, Halliday Consulting has always been a solution driven consulting business. We have since then become a fast-growing business in Nigeria with tailored service for our customers in different industries such as, health, education, startups, SMEs, students, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

Our brand believes in networking, smart innovation and transformation, which we have proven practical solutions to our various customers in the last 7 years. Our services are customer and end users oriented which has also helped us build amazing customer relation and retention, as we continue to evolve and expand in development and providing sustainable solutions.

Human Capital Development

Life is best lived by design, with our development services, we equip you with tools to help you stand out and be more valuable. Our dynamic and result oriented coaching program on various resources required to get you started in life and business/career are the best you can ask for; we ensure you become master of the following

Personal development

Growth Plan

Time managemen

tLeadership management

Our History

We believe this is your home too. Welcome to possibilities.


Through networking, smart innovation for transformation, our consulting services in health, education, business startups, SMEs, and non-profits management help you scale up to the top of your industry. We have built startups brands, help students entrepreneurs scale up and expand through our tailored smart solutions.


We have also worked with government agencies in creating smart solutions in the health industries for wellbeing of the people in the health and education sector.


We offer expert services to these business for them to have returns on their investment through a collaborative brainstorming session to understand the process from problem identification to creating a tailored made customer focus solutions.

Digital Solutions

We offer tailored made smarts solutions for start-ups, business and non-profits organization for return on investments and customer retention.

We help business through web development services, optimization, social media marketing, content creation and engagement, and trainings that helps you convert prospect to paying customers and also retaining the customers.

Mini Importation

Start a sustainable business from the comfort of your home with our proven coaching and practical guide on how to succeed in this niche.


This is one of the fast-growing business opportunities in Nigeria, as a business focused on services delivery, we empower you through knowledge by sharing useful, productive and money-making idea through our mini-importation business startup programs.

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Web Development
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Bolaji Osuolale

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