This is the step by step blueprint you can follow to get your dream clients:

Here’s the 5 step process:

1. Identify who your ideal client is

See the main challenge most entrepreneur face is they try to serve everyone. They say, the more people I help the better, the more life’s I transform the more money I am gonna make.

But with this mindset there is a huge problem, which is:

If you’re trying to serve everyone, you are serving no one.

When you say I can solve all problems, I am the jack of all trades, they are not gonna see you as an expert. See an expert charges way more than a normal person who says I can solve all problems.

For example, a brain surgeon charges way more than a normal doctor. Why? because they have a niche. They are solving a bigger problem for a group of people.

So before doing anything have a niche first and understand your ideal clients. Understand their pain points and desires and then help them solve their problems.


2. Have an irresistible offer

You need to have an irresistible offer that will solve a bigger problem of your ideal clients.


The bigger the problem you solve the higher you can charge to your ideal clients.

See if the value is great enough people do not have problem paying the price. So have an easy to understand offer, which is highly desirable and highly valuable.


3. High ticket service/product

Something miraculous happen when you have a High Paying Client. The client who pay more, pay more attention. They are more committed to their success which helps in success of both you and your client (solve a bigger problem).

This way you will be able to focus more on your few clients who are paying more and there is no frustrations of handling so many clients.


4. 3 step simple funnel

A sales funnel is the step by step path your potential clients take to become your paid client. We build a simple 3 step funnel that helps our clients automate the process. You can learn more about it in the free training that we have created which talks about the exact sales funnel that you can create to attract clients consistently.(You can find the link the bio or you can message me for the link)
This is the funnel we help our clients build and scale, so it’s highly valuable.


5. Traffic methods

Now your offer is clear, the journey is clear, you just need traffic that will go into that funnel. There are two types of traffic:

Paid traffic

Organic traffic

You can use any strategy to make your ideal clients take the journey into the funnel and convert them to paid clients.
It all depends on you.

If you have more time and don’t want to invest in Facebook ads you can follow organic strategies.

But if you want to scale and get High Paying Clients on automation you can run Facebook ads.

Both the strategies are good , depending on the situation you are in. But it’s important to have a clear strategy that actually works.

If you follow all the above steps you can take your business to the next level.

But the thing is you will need to learn some skills like Facebook ads, funnel building, copywriting, email marketing etc

If you are someone who have more time and is not in the position to invest I will recommend you to try ,learn, and test things but it will take your time in learning these strategies.

Another option you can take is to take help from someone who have done it and got results with this proven system.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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