I told you yesterday, time is capital, and don’t let anyone steal it.

What about you have extra two. That’s not been an Oliver Twist.

It is you doing what you can to be more valuable. It has been calculated that all you need to invest is about two hours extra everyday to move from bottom to the top in about everything you desire.

Two extra hours everyday can help you stop worrying about money all your life to being one of the highest paid in your career.

The question on your lips right now is, where am I going to get an extra two hours daily?

Okay, let’s do a little task, you don’t love mathematics right? Never mind, it’s just a simple calculation anyways;

1. Calculate the number of hours in a week: 7 days multiply by 24 hours gives you 168 hours.

2. Let’s deduct 40 hours for work and 56 hours for sleep, you have 72 hours left over.

3. If you deduct 3 hours daily (21 hours) for getting ready for and traveling to and from work, there will still be 52 hours of spare time to do with whatever pleases you.

4. Just take 2 hours from 52 hours, invest the 2 hours daily back into yourself, that’s 14 hours weekly, you will still have 37 hours left over. That’s about 5 hours daily of free time.

If you like watch Netflix or involve yourself in matters that doesn’t concern you for that 5 hours left, is up to you.

All you need to do is devote 2 hours everyday to move you from low performance to high performance at whatever you do.

Sounds like a wisdom to you?

That is to your success.