In this article you will learn How to QUICKLY Write Persuasive Sales Message anywhere.

Let’s jump right into it immediately in the following steps;

Step #1. Capture Attention With a Hook.

Simple Types of Hooks Include:

A. Make a Promise (Eg – If you read this I will show you how to lose weight eating carbs)

B. Show Proof (Eg – Watch me raise $ x on a Live stream)

C. Story – (Eg- I was x then became y and here is how I did it)

D. Connecting Question – (Eg- Do you feel like nothing you do works?)

E. Pattern Interrupt – (This Onion grown in India can shave off 4 years off your life, here is why…)

Step #2 – Once you have attention

Next is to Identify the problem. To do this describe the problems they feel to them.

Eg – you want to lose weight, but you give up after 2 weeks. You wish there was a way to lose weight fast while eating what you love & avoiding the gym?

Step #3 – Aggravate Problem

This is where you show the consequences of the problems you have identified in step 2 above using logical elements

Use Facts, statistics, examples & Demonstrations.

You are making it clear how terrible the problem is

Step #4 – Introduce The Solution – your product

Step #5 – Establish Authority

This is where you tell them who you are and why they should listen to you. Show proof to back this up

Step #6 – Explain How Your Solution Works

This is where you tell them HOW your product solves the problem, the features & benefits of each

Step #7 – Make the Offer

Tell them what they need to do next, show them the bonuses they get if they act now, plus any discount you have and for how long it will be up.

Step #8- Give a Guarantee

Tell them about any money back guarantee you have here

Step #9 Make the Offer Again using the two option close

Step #10 – Give a Warning

This is where you talk about the deadline for action, the cost of not taking action, warn that you will remove bonuses after the time runs down. Etc