Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your past meet with the present? What do I mean by that? Last week Monday, I am sure you wondered you did not read from me as usual, this happened because, I usually love to write from my heart rather than create a content to send to you automatically.

Yes, I could do that if I wanted too create a month email campaign ahead and share with you, you can also learn to do that from me.

Why you did not read from me was because, I took a week off to visit the same village where I served as a NYSC member 11 years ago in Plateau State, Langtang North LGA, Zamko village.

The very first encounter on the way was a stop at Riyom village as we approach Jos city, we had a flat tire and this was where I meant the past meeting the present, because 11 years ago while I was coming to Plateau State as a serving corper at the same village, the luxury bus I travelled with had a flat tire.

At that point, I smiled and started thinking in myself, what lesson is here for me to learn?

What this means to me is that, you are where you are today at this present moment based on your past decision and action.

Success as you know is never by mistake, its intentional. You need to be determined and ready to do what it takes to achieve that success.

You can fall off a ladder by mistake, but it’s never possible to climb one by mistake

Sir Isaac Newton stated in his third Law of motion that;

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

For your past to meet your present in a situation you will be proud of, you must create a past that is meaningful and productive that will be valuable to your future.

How do you react to your present situation? If negative, then it means you have been building an unproductive life in the past which is now meeting you at the present.

For things to change you have to be determined to be the change